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Bringing You the Top 5 Youtubers.… In My opinion. (cant forget that part)





Jenna Marbles






Charlie Is So Cool Like



Crosbylicious   ( I was really stuck for number five as there are so many funny youtubers out there but this chick is hilarious )



Recovery is the newest Frank Turner song out. after listenign to it twice maybe three times in a row it is by far one of my top favorites. It is a bit like Vital Signs but kinda more amazing. His songs are somehow what I would describe as “Sad Bastard Music”. I don’t know why but nothing can take the emotion more raw from my soul than listening to this music. Is it the content or the bluntness ? God only knows but the first time I heard his music, the first song I heard was Love Ire and Song, I couldn’t listen to the full song. I had to keep stopping it, as if I was preparing myself mentally. The music isn’t sad… it just life rolled up into a songs lyrics.

My dedication to these words or the culture I am part of creates not only my identity but a way that I treat the world, with that optimistic caution which allows freedom  and safe guards. The tales wound into sad folk music brings the best out in all of us. while most of the words and themes are not exactly ideal to inducing a better attitude to life, you cant help but relate to each and every song, no matter how good and moral you are.


This song is just amazing. I love it so much. how can you get anything better than making a deal with a boy you just met to tell everyone you met in jail. (online dating participants here is your newest cover story).

Starting with a questionable lifestyle, the song quickly moves onto the digging yourself out of a hole you have become stuck in. By far the most upbeat song!


 And inspirational…. I have been listening to Frank Turner since I was 16, he was my soundtrack to life that kept going through the tough times and as I feel deeper.
I had hoped something would give me the inspiration to get better, the first time It was for my family and that didnt last, but the fourth time, this time, each step as small as it was felt like a mile to walk, but I am making it last for me, 126 days sober. I hope something gives you courage for yourself. I found it on my own and it is lasting.

three years later this song comes along as if a sign to keep me strong. I hope you find it too.

It is a long long road to recovery

and sometimes broken people can get better if they really want to

you just need something to give you the inspiration.


tough times don’t last. tough people do.