SuperStay Lip Colour – Maybelline

Alright. My mum always told me a brunet should never go anywhere without lipstick.  


And since life is so short to not look good I have decided to share with you something that I use on days when looking good is not an option ( Its because I’m so good looking when i wake… I joke)  basically when I go to Work.

SO let’s blame my mum and go down to a priceline or a boots and buy a lipstick. not just any lipstick… a super stay one

To be truthful when it says 24 hours it will be on for atleast half that.. it just depends on whether you like to drink and eat.

I own about 4 of the same brand by Maybelline, 715 and 745 I have in my hand bag at the moment

I use them alot but the “super stay” stays around the top top of my lip by the end of the day.

The problem with these are that they do crumble, sorry maybelline that is false advertising,

According to their website:


Meet the 24-hour lipcolor that stretches the limits of longwear:
• Micro-Flex formula glides on and looks gorgeous all day
• No crumbling, no caking, no fading, no feathering, no transferring
• 2-step lipcolor in one pack
• 30 long-lasting shades

Why I Don’t Love It

  • it cracks, it crumbles, it half fades when ever I eat and by the end of the day I look like I have lip liner on and that is it.
  • it doesnt last as long as you think it will
  • it transfers on to napkins, waterbottles, glass… alot of things :S and ends up ruing them since the colour is “super stay”.. but not to your lips

Why do I still use it

  • it’s easy
  • it lasts a long time.. not on your lips but the tube itself
  • if your lips are super smooth and you don’t wear lip balm like ever it looks great. but wearing it two days in a row causes my lips to feel really rough no matter how much or how little I use the top coat.
  • did I mention it is easy to put on?
  • once I use a glass at a dinner party I know it is mine due to the transfer

Compared to regular lipstick I find it is a little more durable 

I’ll continue to buy it until something amazing comes out that might actually be chemical free that is at an affordable price…. like red food dye haha