Genie Bra, Paris Bra

I’m not sure if anyone else has been watching day time tv at work

You know those channels where they constantly try and sell you stuff.

My mum has this habit of getting over tired from working night shift and sitting in front of the tv trying to keep herself awake… The bonus is for me I can give you a short review on the products if she buys them.

The end result is she bought two separate types of bra off the tv that do the same thing.


I have tried both of them, and oh my god i don’t get it! It isn’t more comfortable and it certainly isnt sexy. they do offer a way that you can send it back and not have to keep it if you dont like it… but the problem with “risk free trials” is that I dont have the energy to send it back.  (Lazy I know)

Paris Miracle Bra


Genie Bra


See what I also found with these is that I cant wear any of my clothes because it comes up to high that I have to wear very high necked outfits. I felt NO support = Lame.. it does feel like wearing nothing but basically I went for a run, and not only was it not good for that but it doesn’t have very good hmm how to put it… even under two shirts over the top you can see the poke of the nipple. SO basically in my book A Very Big Thumbs Down, but my mum likes them so I guess it is a personal choice.