Playlist of the Week – Sweaty Weather

I do realize titling my playlist Sweaty Weather is a bit odd, but the 30 degree days have been really getting to me. I like the heat and I like the cold, but the extremes of each drive me insane if I am not properly dressed. I have actually been having a rather interesting morning, my Ex’s girlfriend texted me this morning asking me actually very politely, to “Back off”, I realized after reading her message that I had over stepped the mark of friendship with him that could have been misinterpreted. After realizing my folly i told the guy I was seeing about it and my best friend, The guy I am seeing, Mat, not Matt, but Mat.. like on the floor. he was actually cool that i was still friends with my ex, he just wasn’t aware that we are still that close and will a bit… miffed, but that is all cool. And then for my confidant, Laura, the best friend in the world, told me bluntly that I had stepped the line without realizing it and was lucky that Mat was sticking around. Haha but what can you do, just as you think the drama had come to the end, a patient came in to the surgery. A nice man, around 50 years old, I know what you are thinking, and no! ( dont be gross he’s more than old enough to be my parent) Turns out he was like the man I met up in Woodford in the Summer, A kindred spirit. As our conversations grew more and more intense and I learned a lot during that day – so lucky I was only on reception. We talked for four hours. The man who shall be named the Doctor, since he has a doctorate in Anthropology – I KNOW SO COOL RIGHT? Offered to put in a good word for me here and there with clubs that I had always wanted to join that he was apart of, while I was  being naive and assuming that this was the start of a strictly platonic friendship, i was mistaken as he began to point out the cultural things we do, starting with sex, I am not going to lie, that bringing up this topic with someone who is significantly out of your age group and a stranger really shocked me. I just kept my mouth shut even though I knew the doctor had crossed a boundary. He continued to tell me all the things wrong with the concept of marriage. RED FLAG he was married, I knew that much from when he and his wife had come in as clients.
At least I wasn’t the one who crossed the boundary, and I set him straight. Thank god I still have my morals in check. I found talking to the doctor a bit of a head rush as he poked around inside my brain challenging my belief system. Especially asking me why it is wrong to do certain things, very iffy if you ask me, but i wont lie I did find it thought provoking. The main thing was the compartmentalization of emotions and actions should be separate. I found it very interesting… well I wasn’t the biggest fan but I could understand it, i just didn’t like it.


SO without further a due, Here is the Crossing Boundaries and Sweaty Weather Playlist:

Aaron Lewis: Forever

Craig Morgan: Wake Up Lovin’ You

Frank Turner: Plain Sailing Weather

Regina Spektor: The Call

JLS: Everbody In Love

Boys Like Girls: Great Escape

Jimmy Eat World: The Middle

Sugababes: The Middle

Calabria Enur