What Should I Be thinking about? – Health

Good Evening Everyone!

After just coming down with a bug, I realized how side tracked I get from looking after myself.

When I’m not at Work, I am at University, and when I am not at those two places I am studying or trying to have a social life.

I must admit, a girlfriend of mine from high school, who I used to rarely see, just broke up with her boyfriend and cam running back into my life wanting attention which I made time for, sacrificing My daily exercise and earlier bed time for. Anyway Over the summer I was working 6 days a week, around 10 hour days, and taking two online classes, Now I am back at University more than full time, taking 6 classes  and working two days a week.

So even though I am strapped for time, now that I am sick and the work is in mountains here are some things you should know about.

1. In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.

You can check it out HERE. Ok, so why should you check it out?
In my degree, my classmates are constantly telling me that certain foods are bad. And if you listen to talk shows or ‘Health’ podcasts there is a lot of conjecture thrown around. I am just speaking for myself but I have noticed a lot of people I know developing food anxiety. They get so freaked out that everything will kill them or give them cancer. Now these people have me to tell them that their food is fine to eat and that they aren’t going to die from not eating a superfood, you guys don’t.  Michael Pollans book is something I recommend you take a  peek at.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying you can eat what ever you want.  I’m saying eat and drink in moderation,  avoid processed foods when you can, but don’t let fear stop you from eating your dairy or meat products.

2. Chemical Maze 

This is  an App you can get on your phone or a book. Check it out HERE. Why do we love it?
I love it because I always read the ingredients and as much fun as playing the game of  ‘Guess what the Numbers mean’ is, I can actually find out what it is, what it causes and how it is used. In my 30 minute break on Monday between classes I ran down to 7/11 to buy an apple, and I just happened to pick up a packet of corn chips and read the ingredients list. I looked at Mission and was impressed, there was like 4-5 ingredients (and it is gf) then I looked at a packet the same size of Doritos… HOLY CRAP! I dare you to read the ingredients and look them up on Chemical Maze.

3. Shop Ethical 

It is an App, click HERE, Why do we dig this?
OK so this isn’t necessary for everyone to check out, but if you are one of those people who cares that their eggs are free range and not just because they are bigger, this is the app for you. Shopping at the supermarket is hard right? Well for people who stay awake at night wondering if your sheets were made ethically LOOK NO FURTHER. 

4. Slow Death By Rubber Duck

This is possibly the number 1 thing I am buying for anyone who likes science. A friend of mine who is doing a science degree, has taken a year off to started a Internship. And what does she get to do? She analyses the toxicity of uses of things like tattoo ink or hair dye. Things that a lot of people have a repeat expose to. Once you start you sometimes don’t stop.
You can check out the book HERE. Now you may ask why I included my anecdote about my friend, well that is simple, this book looks at the effects of repeat expose to everyday items and how it effects our health.

5. Chemical Time Bomb 4 Corners Report.

Why am I looking at this?
Because you want to be aware and not stick your head in the sand.
You can access it HERE. After watching it you may feel a little more inclined to choose Organic Food when you can.


NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, Here are some things you may want to take a look at. And remmeber just because you read it does not make it true. When doing a google search, I advise you to use google scholar. 

6.Soak Liver in Vinegar. Is Liver the new Super food

7. Check Out Bliss Balls

8. Jambu – Natural tooth ache treatment and Digestive aid 

Please read up on it before you consume it.

9. Why should you eat your greens rather than add them to smoothies.

Kidney Stones and Oxalic Acid

Here are some sites to make up your own mind : HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. Just remember only one of these sites is a government Health sites. I encourage you to do your own digging on google scholar and actually read the article. Please don’t believe everything you read on a website. Here are some articles if you are too lazy to do it yourself.
Article 1, Article 2 and Article 3.

10. Phytic Acid – Why we soak Legumes and Grains and use Fermentation