Silver Screen

Favorite Quotes from the Silver Screen

I’m a leaf on the wind

– Wash, Serenity



A heart can be broken, but it will keep beating just the same.

– Ninny Threadgoode, Fried Green Tomatoes



 Tell everyone that when the day is out we shall have a wedding. Or a hanging. Either way, we’re gonna have a lot of fun, huh?

– Prince John, Robin Hood – Men In Tights



Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.

-Westley, The Princess Bride



 Fine! Next time we steal a plane, i’ll let you crash it!

– Allan Quartermain, King Solomen’s Mines


Literature Review on Efficacy of Naturopathy Treating Anxiety and Depression

This literature review evaluates the use of Naturopathy in the treatment of Anxiety. Anxiety and Depression are the most common mental illnesses around today, Bateson, Brilot& Nettle (2011). Anxiety is a blanket term covering many types of disorders, for example a phobias, OCD, PTSD and Panic Attacks. All of these stem from a sense of worry.
Naturopathy makes use of many treatments such as iridology, herbal medicine and other natural western medicine practices. Three scientific studies were found, that studied the use of Naturopathy methods, such as herbal medicine, in dealing with anxiety.

The first study found, “Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) May Provide Antidepressant Activity in Anxious, Depressed Humans: An Exploratory Study”, was a randomised, double blinded, controlled study of 57 participants in 2009. The design of the study assessed the use of oral consumption of camomile in the treatment of anxiety and depression.
The problem with this study is that it only looked at Matricaria Recutita, the German camomile, while there are many different variations of the plant which may have a stronger or weaker affect. The population of the study could have been bigger to give a more accurate reading. Although the study had different types of sufferers: Anxious and depressed, anxious and formerly depressed and anxious with no depression, Which opened up to a wider range of feedback.
The quality and depth of the study was well researched before hand and well executed, the anti-anxiety mode of action is still unkown, but the results of the study suggest that camomile results in a significant improvement over a long term period of anxious and depressed people. This study is more valid in some cases as it is the next step after In-Vitro and In Vivo studies were completed on the affects of Camomile and it’s calming effects.

The next study was conducted in 2002, by Volz, Murck, Kasper and Moller. It was a Randomised, double blinded study that focused on the use of St John’s Wort extract in the treatment of Anxiety disorders and Somatization Disorder. The study only lasted for six weeks, this and the fact the participants were outpatients, allowed them to continue their daily tasks but it removed a certain allowance of control. The outcome of the research was a reduction in anxiety. St John’s Wort is used specifically in treating depression symptoms that are also common in anxiety suffers. Lakhan and Vieira’s review of St John’s Wort as treatment was of mixed outcomes, with Volz’s 2002 study being positive in favour of SJW as treatment for anxiety and Depression, while a study of 13 OCD patients treated with SJW and a placebo found no significant improvement, that being said, OCD anxiety is not the most responsive to treatment or placebos ( Lakhan and Vieira, 2010 ). The lengh of the study, Six Weeks, is the same amount of time needed to see the full effect of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant treatments, this should be taken into account when comparing SJW to other treatment methods.

Study Design

Sample Population


Reported Adverse Events following

  • Randomized; Double-blind; Parallel Group
  • 149 outpatients
  • Significant Reduction in Anxiety
  • Very well tolerated.
  • Mild/moderate:
  • Abdominal pain
  • Arthritis
  • Arrythmia
  • Bronchitis
  • Cystitis
  • Headache
  • Neuralgia

Table from Volz’s 2002 study.
The adverse events following the treatment of SJW to the patrticipants may be taken in a sense of reduced immunity or plain unluckiness as SJW is a astringent and antimicrobial remedy for Gastro, Diarrhoea and Disentry. SJW also carries antibacterial properties that ward off infections and stomach problems.

The third study looks at the high dosages of St John’s Wort and Valerian on Anxiety and Depression sufferers. This is a non-experimental study as it is very wide with a focus on data, the problem with is that there is less quality of data, even though each group participating was documented at the three sessions with the doctor, there is less control over the participants. This study makes the link between lack of sleep and depression with the use of Valerian. From the first visit where the patients symptoms were high, ranging at 1.68 on average, by the third and final recorded doctors appointment, 0.47 on average, leaving the participants with all core symptoms of depression and almost all anxiety symptoms receded significantly. The participants suffering more severely received higher doses of Valerian and SJW. The study consisted of 2,462 participants with only 3 cases of adverse side-effects. In terms of the scale of this study, the orchestration of it was a large achievement in all aspects, not just for research purposes as it has provided a large sample population to work with. From this study, it is very suggestible that mild to server anxiety and depression sufferers can be treated with SJW and Valerian together in high doses, with only 42 changes in dosage over the entire study with a population of 2462. It is clear by the end of the study that valerian may be used in conjunction with SJW when treating anxiety symptoms for quicker improvement. While the validity of this study is very good in thought as all participants are monitored at the three doctors appointment, It is very possible that as it is such a large sample population that somethings could slip through the gaps easily.

After the research on this topic, it can be suggested that Naturopathic treatment can benefit persons suffering from anxiety and Depression in more ways than pharmaceutical anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. One of the main strong benefits that herbal medicine, unlike Pharmaceutical Anti-anxiety and Anti-Depression drugs, which can cause horrible dependency on the medication as well as withdrawals making it very hard to stop the use. Is that persons being medicated by naturopathic treatment will be more in control of themselves which results no increased anxiety from their medication. While the Validity of studies 2 and 3 may have problems when placed alone, together they back up each other. The naturopathic Approach to the treatment of Anxiety and Depression seems very plausible and effective. While all studies were different, they all made the same point that herbal treatment was an effective treatment for Anxiety and Depression. While more study into anxiety needs to be done, the results of the studies Reviewed favoured Natural Medicines, showing only positive results. None of these studies were case controlled, Studies 1 and 2 using placebos and study 3 being a cohort study spaning multiple weeks.


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Volz HP, Murck H, Kasper S, Moller HJ, 2002, “St John’s wort extract (LI 160) in somatoform disorders: results of a placebo-controlled trial”. Psychopharmacology. Pg 294-300 Viewed 14/01/2013


Why are the majority of people under thirty not voting?

Why are the majority of people under thirty not voting?

Being 19 years of age, I always get excited to vote, it is like having a say. But this is where the problem comes in, people under thirty I believe don’t think that their vote matters and will either not vote or cast donkey votes.

In America, with it being optional to vote doesn’t really force the issue. A lot of my friends hate voting because they say their vote doesn’t count or it isn’t going to impact the result. I am interested in politics when it comes to voting time because I am interested in what they have to offer and what they will take away from me.

A lot of people I know aren’t interested because they think it will not impact them, they neither own their own home or feel that they are affected by the decisions the ‘Big Man’, or in our case Woman,  makes in regard to our way of life.

I would not trust twitter or facebook for any form of politic related  information. I think the marketing strategy of advertising on social media sites would be a good one if it actually succeeded, but I, like many other people don’t want to see the face of the PM or President popping up on my screen when I am commenting on someone’s status.

When I do see their marketing attempts on the  social media sites it makes me laugh because that is where people poke fun at them, it used to me in the back pages of the newspaper with a hilarious comic about someone in politics but Social networking sites are now those pages in the news paper.

Everyone wants to have their say on why ‘so and so’ would make a lousy leader, not much is positive about them.

All over the internet, predominantly youtube there  are videos making fun of the politicians, with people arguing about their leadership skills and how they would ruin their own country, with a majority of young  people watching these and simply deciding that they wouldn’t like anyone who is a candidate as their leader.

Looking at the figures on the Campaign Online Information, where a majority of people get their information from TV and Radio or Websites dedicated to the Campaign I am with them all the way. The TV presenters and Radio hosts are people that the  group of non voters identify with, listening or watching them weekly or daily. It is like a long term friend, who if they held a strong view and you had no knowledge on the matter you may follow blindly, this is what I feel is happening.

To put it down to why a group of people under 30 aren’t voting, is because.
1. They don’t care
2. They don’t like the candidates
3. They feel their vote is worth nothing

I have a number of friends who yell at the TV when watching the US candidate debate, but have little interest in our own politics. They are so caught up in the hype that sounded the US election, that they become interested in the matter when they have no ability to influence the outcome. I think it is good to be worldly and have opinions about other countries elections, but when it comes to the thin line voting for our own country they don’t have a care in the world and donkey vote or pick the one with the most hilarious name or who they think will die first. It’s more of a game then something that they want to seriously be involved in the outcome.

Rated Songs 3

It’s that time of the week again RATED SONGS
Let’s start with Ke$ha – Die Young
Minus the whole implied idea of stupid YOLO… And the encouragement of silly behavior without care for consequence… I really enjoy this song. It’s nice and has a good techno segment but not overbearing like
Scrillex ….. But it’s goo because I can happily sing along and listen to it on repeat.

I hear your heart beat to the best of the drums. Oh what a shame you came here with someone.

Dixie Chicks – Ready To Run
. Great song. I love the music video, Wedding dresses never had so much adventure.

I am going to be ready this time

So Cute! Great Lyrics.

Nikki Williams – Kill, Fuck, Marry
Starts off slow but has a great voice.. Reminds me off Christina Perry. I enjoy the lyrics. I was excepting harsh and bad implied intentions. Happily surprised to hear that it isn’t. Very sad and slow song.

Music Rated – trial 2

Rate my music? Quick shuffle of my music I have first five songs rated for you:
Restaurant – The Thrills.
This song is quirky. I totally love it. It’s like mix Gunface and Angus Stone.
It’s got a great beat and acoustic guitar but I found it hard to listen too. 5/10

On The Radio- Regina Spektor
Hands down a good song. I will always be a Regina Spektor Die Hard Fan.
It’s a poppy bubbly song! A lot like her other music. GREAT LYRICS. 8/10

With You- Chris Brown
“I need you boo”? Hold up what’s going on? Haha, ok this song is fun very poppy with a good beat, a clap keeps the beat. ‘ every kiss an every hug you make me fall in love’ ok I like the lyrics once we get past the talking part. It’s strangely a slow song. Easy to dance to but has a certain slow. I admit I really don’t like the chorus. 7/10

Naturally- Selena Gomez
I dig this song. I can listen to it on repeat for hours. It’s in my opinion really enjoyable. 9/10

Front Crawl- Frank Turner
Good song. Slow and sweet. Very acoustic. Great lyrics. Very much like a nursery rhyme. A lot of my friends hate it because it is a sad song.

Online Dating? Give it a go?

Ok so online dating? What do you think?
For this post I decided I will need to know a little about the world of online dating. I will be exploring 3 different online dating sites and rate them.

This is a bit daunting. I’m not really sure how I feel about trying it out but here goes nothing.
I wi be trying OkCupid, RSVP, and Plenty Of Fish
don’t fret about some poor darling being led astray. I’ve put looking for friendship on my profile




I’ll update as I go, be sure to check back to see the ratings of these sites with the pros and cons an tips 🙂

So far Plenty Of Fish
Very easy to use.
A lot of responses,
Its Free
Has it’s own app
Lots of nudity
Lots of creeps
Lots of people who are
Apparently transformers
People talk lik dis n shi#.
It’s free so anyone will use it.
If you use the app you are constantly online.

Cost to send emails
You can send a set message to the person to say you are interested.
Less creeps in my opinion
A lot of feedback but I found you have to put out more.
You can ONLY send set message
Not completely free.

So far so good.
Lots of easy questions
Nice guys
It asks you questions and you can explain you answer for free.
You can see people’s answers and if they rate you highly you can find out
You can send messages to anyone.
Only had to block
One guy.
You can Save your favourite conversations
About 60 appropriate guys messaged.
Favorite so far.



Ok I have found favorites  to talk to on each of the sites, I admit I am really really impressed by OK cupid. and RSVP. POF not so much. I don’t know what it is.
POF has many good features, But the amount of creeps I continue to encounter is too many that it will have to be taken out of the running.

We are left with: