Book Club

I feel like I am lacking the drive to finish books because I feel a huge loss each time I finish one.

To people who don’t enjoy reading books it may give the impression of being shallow and narrow minded.

But in fact books are a gateway to broaden ones perspective .


So I am going to aim to finish reading a book every two week as we all have life and commitments getting in the world. Then I hope that I will be able to write a post on it and get feedback from anyone else who chooses to read it with me.

I forgot I loved to read. I hope that it never happens to you.


Originally the stating book I wanted was Mansfield Park, I know its an old book which many people had to read for school and not pleasure. BUT I want to read it, it has been sitting on my shelf since I read emma and pride and prejudice for A levels so it needs to be read.
…. But I can’t seem to find it and my libraries copy is lost so it is now along to :

Will be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… All these books your library should have.

NOW! Give me some feedback so we can move away from the Jane Austen and look at some new books or you will be forced to endure the 47 books in a pile in my room waiting to be read.