Minimize the Time spent on Technology

Alright, so today alone I have been on the band wagon of getting rid of things, while I can list my clothes easily enough, can I list the amount of technology I use. I am a bit of a hypocrite, but no longer, (fingers crossed).

I own:

  • Two Laptops
  • Iphone
  • Ipod
  • 2 cameras
  • 1 videocamera
  • 3 mother boards
  • 4 apple chargers
  • 1 external hard drive
  • 1 external card reader
  • 2 docking stations

and I am so bad with using technology, I can only really do simple things like uploading, I even struggle to use this site sometimes haha.

I don’t need all this.

I will explain about the laptops.

One is almost dead but I am determined to make 100% use out of it, but while in my spending mind set I went out and I bought a mac-book .. I don’t know how to use it (change is hard for me to master) so I reverted back to my old ways, avoid it until I have to use it (so until this laptop which is 8 years old kicks it I will try and not use it). But for the mean time I have one that is not being used. not cool man, so I have made a deal with a family friend who is much more technology friendly than I, that they can use it until mine dies for $10 a month. (I know I am greedy but that 10$ I think is fair since it is brand new and they suggested it.)

So that is at least one thing gone from my collection.

The three cameras are a problem for me. I have had one for 9 years which still takes the best pictures, it is an old olympus. I know I really should just keep one photography device (which should be my phone, but I like my camera). So I have decided to keep one of my cameras and keep the video camera since I want to start filming things. I only need one charger for my phone and iPod –  they can share.  I only need one docking station. I decided to keep the smaller one, so at least it is out of the way and can be put away easily.

I dont need the card readers any more since I got rid of the camera which needed it.

The harddrive – I have managed to get rid of all my CDs after putting them all on my harddrive as well as my decreasing dvd collection.

I have only kept 5 dvds,

  • Princes Bride
  • Robin Hood Men In Tights
  • BBC version of Robin Hood Season 1+2
  • Serenity

I got rid of 28 Seasons of TV shows as well as a very large selection of DVDs which I never watch anyway.


I believe that I still spend too much time on my technology, I have decided to limiting my blogging day  to Thursday as I hate staring at a screen but love to write. Thursday is also my 1/2 tv days where I watch the roast on the ABC. Sunday is the other day where I watch the Doctor Who episode as it comes out. The rest of the time is put towards books or study, but usually I spend my time with my lovely boyfriend and my kitten, Pumpkin.


Having these two in my life makes sitting in front of the TV seem like a waste of time(which it is)




I’m back

So I am back. Let me tell you I achieved so much more out of my day.
Life was just easier. If people wanted to see me and hang out they kept to their plan. There was no way out of if. It was good. No sudden change of plans.

I loved being free from my phone and computer. I missed blogging but that’s ok, I wrote alot more, I studied harder. I read more books. I went outside and felt nature. Something which I have been struggling with recently. I have had a bit of an effect with my medication, but the period of two weeks before they increased it I was feeling so pathetic, bellow pity. Like nature wasn’t what I wanted, neither was my books or my friends. I missed alot of university again and felt myself slipping back to the troublesome dreams. I felt caught again in the spiral I had worked so hard to get out of. And for a minute to be honest, I didn’t want to get out of the hole I was resting in. In the weirdest sense I felt free, I know now it wasn’t freedom I felt, it was loss, I don’t know how I could confuse the two in my right state of mind. But somehow I liked to be alone in the dark with no one else, with nothing to do. But as soon as I stepped outside and felt the fresh air and the rain on my face I knew that I felt a loss of my responsibilities and all the things that made me me, when I was down and out. Take a walk in the garden and simply embrace the luck you have been given. Turn your phone off. Leave it at home. Free yourself from the confines of watching the same program every day at the same time.

Put the Technology away

This is our life mostly. Stare at a computer at work, come home stare at the tv, stare at the computer, go to bed and play on your phone.

Starting now I am going three days without computers, phones, iPod, disk man, tv.. Newer technology. I need my electricity though. You get the idea, no kindle, no psp, no game station. This may be easy since I have none of the last three.

Top FiveYoutube Icons

Bringing You the Top 5 Youtubers.… In My opinion. (cant forget that part)





Jenna Marbles






Charlie Is So Cool Like



Crosbylicious   ( I was really stuck for number five as there are so many funny youtubers out there but this chick is hilarious )

Social Networking

It seems everyone now adays is connected. I’m connected to you through the internet. Social Networking is booming right now.

I remember in 2008 finding Facebook  It was the new Myspace . Whoa!  I know right. I remember making the switch instantly, my friends took their time moving over only in late 2009. But now even pets have their own account on Facebook. Now to Twitter? I believe even a seagull has its own twitter account (new pope reference).

Hell there are so many social media sites I can only list a few that I know the names of.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblur
  • Blogging sites
  • And so many that I cant even remember.

Games are beginning to double as social networking for kids starting them off young. There are online forums connecting adults. Just like blogs connecting people.

I wonder if we are using the computer too much…. says the girl who is writing a post…

Our bones aren’t as strong from lack of exercise and diet as young kids. Weight bearing exercises are vital to maintain good bones which if we dont get up from behind our desk to do our generation will be facing more and more    Osteoporosis. While I am looking at this from a natural medicine view point I believe that we are inflicting this upon our selves.

But Back to the point on Social Networking does it make communicating in person harder?

People can talk to their friends and catch up without even leaving the house. I think that is great for when the other person is unable to come to you. for example they are on the otherside of the world. But I do think we are spending way to much time hooked to our social networking sites. Checking twitter every five minutes to see what is new.

Believing What You Read?

Some ways that you can find out whether the information in articles is accurate.

First off, dont always believe what you read! Where is the evidence?
But Elysium, there is a study! It must be true!
Oh really? is there? one study? and you are going to believe it? What are the chances, the study was done with an ulterior motive in terms of the result? (It is actually pretty high).


In my opinion, magazines have content that will sell, while  it may based on an idea of truth, believing what you read in them without question in  it is silly.
Magazines are designed to sell copies, they aren’t filled with all the bad stuff because people don’t want to know that what they are doing is harming them.
Sure in this case the aim of the article is to point out the negative things to avoid, but how much of that is fact?
Who wrote it? Is that author an expert in the field? Do they have the qualifications that say that they can give advice? Where are the facts and figures? Where is the evidence that any of this is true? References? Do magazines even put them in? are they above plagiarism?

I think if you are reading something regarding your health, do your own research, having one ‘study’ that says something isn’t enough to change your lifestyle.
When reading an article it is important to know whether it is from a reputable source, but keep in mind, the people who check it to be ‘reputable’ may have no clue about the topic and validity of the article that they are going to publish.

How old is the information in the article? Chances are it could be already out of date if it is in a magazine. The time taken for the research or article to be published, it could already be outdated by new studies and findings.

But most importantly do your own research. Find other articles in scientific journals to back it up.