Elysium’s Tips for Purging You Wardrobe

Elysium’s Tips For Purging Your Wardrobe:

First off let me tell you that even though I do this on a regular basis I still have too many clothes.

After seeing posts like Project 333 and having less then 100 possessions, I have always found that it’s motivation like this and the feeling of being free that makes me want to keep going. I want to be a minimalist, I do… I just have an unhealthy attachment for my books. I have 4 book cases in my room. As I am writing this post I am just about to buy another flute so you can think I am crazy but I would rather have two collections of things that I love to death than a bunch of stuff I didn’t. It is because I don’t buy clothes that I can afford things that I feel will make my life livelier. Music is good for the soul.


Why should I purge my closet?

  • It opens you up to accept more things (when ever I go on the war path to get rid of things to give to the church or friends I will always get at least half a new wardrobe given back to me in return which I then have to purge)
  • It makes you feel free (my personal opinion, I find it my depression and anxiety kind of flies away)
  • You feel AMAZING!
  • Why Not? Do you want to hold onto clothes you will NEVER wear again?



*Don’t purge for the sake of purging, I did it and found I got rid of things that I loved and kept things I didn’t. *



Take everything out of your wardrobe and section it into either tops,  jackets, bottoms, swimmers, pjs ect. OR summer and winter.

Put to the side anything that fits all five

  • Other people say you look good in it
  • It is comfortable (most important ladies)
  • YOU feel good in it and know it looks good. (I used to have clothes that other people said looked good on me but I never felt confident wearing it so I avoided it like the plague)
  • It adds something to you.
  • It goes with they clothes you will end up keeping.

Anything that doesn’t meet all five points put straight into a bag and set it aside to give away.


To me this is a tricky thing, I am always left with heaps of clothes at this stage and like to decided how many things I need to keep in order to get through a week. SO I suggest you do the same, write down the amount of things you need to get through the week, and now be ruthless:

Try everything on:

  • If it doesn’t fit properly get rid of it
  • If it looks old get rid of it
  • If you wouldn’t wear it out somewhere nice get rid of it. To me the idea of having ‘house’ clothes is lost, all my clothes look nice and are so comfortable that It’s like wearing pjs. So this means I don’t need the trackpants and tshirt with bleach stains.
  • Just because you paid money for it/ or it is a brand name doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

Outfit of the Day #1


Just going down to the beach with the girls. This DIY shirt that I got carried away with is so breezy for those 40degree days of summer. It is so easy to sneakily put your swimmers on with 😉

Dress Every Day Like It Is Your Last

And by the title, this doesn’t mean you allowed to run around naked…unless you want to get arrested of course.


For me I prefer to think of it as if I may have the chance of a life time today. So dress well. I certainly have those days where I refuse to get out of my pjs or go down to the shops in my “house clothing” But why not make that little more effort to wash your face and dress to impress, maybe not impress, unless you are impressing your self, but dress in some of your nice clothes.

Wear the best clothes you have. You never know when you will wear them again.

Fashion is not my strong point and I seem to be switching between causal and formal-ish clothes.

But I know I do feel better when I dress up. Someday to university I dress like a slob because I am in a mood, but the next day may be a good day and I will regret not wearing a nice dress.

That is, I think another reason why I culled my clothes, I like to have a uniform. For Example: On Thursdays I always wear the same dress to work. I know it is weird but it keeps me in line.


I have clothing for different occasions but they can all be worn again, Dressed up or Dressed Down. But I Wear It Every Chance I get.


Outfit of the Day 3/5/13

20130503-111407.jpg Why yes, I am in the bathroom.

This dress is one of the many that I got in Melbourne, (and one of the few to still be in my possession) and since it’s rather high necked and its actually kind of a cold day I just wore a 3/4 top under it. There is no jumper or jacket since I drove to work today. Oh My Gosh! Driving to work was less than half the time it takes me on public transport and I got far less strange looks for singing along to music.

and of course with the groovy boots, I seem to wear them almost every day. well for winter I am at least down to only two pairs of shoes, so it isn’t completely a loss on the front of having less things… Unless I get the Vibram  shoes sooner than summer20130502-100514.jpg

Genie Bra, Paris Bra

I’m not sure if anyone else has been watching day time tv at work

You know those channels where they constantly try and sell you stuff.

My mum has this habit of getting over tired from working night shift and sitting in front of the tv trying to keep herself awake… The bonus is for me I can give you a short review on the products if she buys them.

The end result is she bought two separate types of bra off the tv that do the same thing.


I have tried both of them, and oh my god i don’t get it! It isn’t more comfortable and it certainly isnt sexy. they do offer a way that you can send it back and not have to keep it if you dont like it… but the problem with “risk free trials” is that I dont have the energy to send it back.  (Lazy I know)

Paris Miracle Bra


Genie Bra


See what I also found with these is that I cant wear any of my clothes because it comes up to high that I have to wear very high necked outfits. I felt NO support = Lame.. it does feel like wearing nothing but basically I went for a run, and not only was it not good for that but it doesn’t have very good hmm how to put it… even under two shirts over the top you can see the poke of the nipple. SO basically in my book A Very Big Thumbs Down, but my mum likes them so I guess it is a personal choice. 


SuperStay Lip Colour – Maybelline

Alright. My mum always told me a brunet should never go anywhere without lipstick.  


And since life is so short to not look good I have decided to share with you something that I use on days when looking good is not an option ( Its because I’m so good looking when i wake… I joke)  basically when I go to Work.

SO let’s blame my mum and go down to a priceline or a boots and buy a lipstick. not just any lipstick… a super stay one

To be truthful when it says 24 hours it will be on for atleast half that.. it just depends on whether you like to drink and eat.

I own about 4 of the same brand by Maybelline, 715 and 745 I have in my hand bag at the moment

I use them alot but the “super stay” stays around the top top of my lip by the end of the day.

The problem with these are that they do crumble, sorry maybelline that is false advertising,

According to their website:


Meet the 24-hour lipcolor that stretches the limits of longwear:
• Micro-Flex formula glides on and looks gorgeous all day
• No crumbling, no caking, no fading, no feathering, no transferring
• 2-step lipcolor in one pack
• 30 long-lasting shades

Why I Don’t Love It

  • it cracks, it crumbles, it half fades when ever I eat and by the end of the day I look like I have lip liner on and that is it.
  • it doesnt last as long as you think it will
  • it transfers on to napkins, waterbottles, glass… alot of things :S and ends up ruing them since the colour is “super stay”.. but not to your lips

Why do I still use it

  • it’s easy
  • it lasts a long time.. not on your lips but the tube itself
  • if your lips are super smooth and you don’t wear lip balm like ever it looks great. but wearing it two days in a row causes my lips to feel really rough no matter how much or how little I use the top coat.
  • did I mention it is easy to put on?
  • once I use a glass at a dinner party I know it is mine due to the transfer

Compared to regular lipstick I find it is a little more durable 

I’ll continue to buy it until something amazing comes out that might actually be chemical free that is at an affordable price…. like red food dye haha

Outfit of the Day- did I just buy new clothes ?

After Melbourne I may have had to rethink my wardrobe as I bought multiple things… All of them clothes.
The one outfit that I am thrilled with came fromHarry Wagg which some of you know is a fag or a cigaret from the song by the kinks.



20130502-100501.jpgwith my dubbo hat I feel a bit like I jumps out of a different era.

Alot of the clothes I bought have gone in and straight out of my wardrobe into my mums.
While I was away I really did realize I don’t need more than what I have. He’ll I could do with less