30 Entries for 30 Days – Number 10 – Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not?

Wow.. number 10.
I take my hat off to you for getting through 10 of these very specific posts that could pass as being written by a whinging 14 year old with no sense of spelling, but then again, maybe that is too much credit to myself.

So we made it to Hump Day and no one has died  from listening to the news on the radio, it seems a few people have died and made it on the news, so that is a bit of a bummer.
I think when I die, I want to die of old age in my sleep and happy… Probably a tall order, but I think we can aim for a good long, happy and healthy life for the most part and take it a day at a time from there.

On the topic of death I was listening to a debate between a Nurse, Scientist, Engineer and Naturopath on euthanasia. You know they all seemed to have the same opinion on it, with the same black and white response that it should be legal for people of mental stability in the position of chronic illnesses and old age, the only problem is when it intertwines with mental health. What is your take on Euthanasia?

It’s amazing how quick vets are to suggest Euthanasia for our pets, don’t read into what I’m saying too much, that is not the point. But in the few short visits to the vet in the last few days with my friend and her cat, I was surprised the topic came up twice. This poor cat has cystitis, something some of us may be familiar with, one of the vet’s suggestions first up was to put the cat down. Like it would decrease the cats life quality that much, that killing it was the best option.
I mean, I am all about quality of life, don’t get me wrong, but if you suggest it for a cat that is only 5 who will occasionally get cystitis then I see another that  is 13, obviously in pain, has cancer and arthritis… it is a bit weird.

On the note of Cats. One of the ones I got from Ingleside Animal Welfare League about a month ago pulled a runner two nights ago and I’m absolutely distraught. This poor cat has apparently never been outside, expect in a cat carrier when carried to and from the pound. And she is frightened of everything, so that makes me feel worse.

OK so back to the point and we are going to take a look at how soon is too soon to kiss?

After a lovely phone conversation with my friend, L, from America, I realized that no matter how much I want there to be a standardized rule on ‘How many dates to kiss on, or to have sex on, or how many hours until you can hold hands‘… There just isn’t.

Being a girl is difficult, sure we have periods and bitch fights to deal with, but have you tried to figure out if you come off like a skank or like a prude. Sure the smart thing to say here is

Be yourself

But has anyone, short of the few insanely lucky ones, tried it and found someone who they can’t live without who returns the level of crazy attachment?
You have to be appealing enough to get them to stick around, but not so appealing that they think you are a flirt and an easy f@ck. There is such a thin line.

So back to me, because clearly I cant go more than a paragraph without talking about myself, Cody (Tinder Fling guy) is always teasing me since he thinks I am scared (He doesn’t know that I’m waiting until I know he will stick around, but aye, what can you do) and rarely make a move, but that is the funny thing. When someone has such a poor level of body language how can you know if they are receptive and that my friends is how you end up in a stale mate.


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