30 Entries for 30 Days – Number 8 – Oh To Be Single

I admit it, I am a lover of being in love,

I jump from one relationship to the next… I broke up with my last boyfriend while traveling together, and within 3 weeks I’m smitten with Cody, the tinder fling.

I know I love to fall in love, so much so that I leave a string of burned men behind until I find a guy who is rebounding and I take the hit the hardest since I don’t fall out of love lust first and then I start the process all over again.

It’s that feeling that is such deep yearning saying:

If I’m not with you, I think I might just die

Ok, so a little exaggerated, but you get my point.

It’s those texts you get that allude to a sense of belonging, I know its lame, but I love that desperate feeling I get when that person is unable to see me. It’s actually so bad, but I love it, to know I think that I care about someone so much… in saying that, I also really love it when I realise it wasn’t love after all…

But after reading an article which you can read HERE, posted on elite daily, I suddenly realise what I am always searching for, perhaps those happy feelings that I am reliant on were actually from myself…


One thought on “30 Entries for 30 Days – Number 8 – Oh To Be Single

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