30 Entries for 30 Days – Number 6 – Questioning

Hey guys and gals,  I had a wonderfully huge breakfast down at the beach this morning with my adorable and very innocent cousins and went for a walk along Curl Curl Beach,listening to my youngest cousin talk to reassure a crab (that was dead) which she had found on the middle of the beach, that she would get him home safely. It made me realise that I miss my innocence (She’s 18 by the way) or my ability to ask questions that children do.

When ever there is a silence or a lil in conversation I would watch her, she has this childlike ability to be entertained by anything. After asking about what she will do not that high school is over, I found out she has no real goal about what she wants to do. I suggested travel, but she’s really just to young emotionally speaking. I mean, if I was 18 and had money sitting in my bank account there would be no question about packing up. But she doesn’t want to go, it’s a bit like watching a 3 year old cling to her mothers skirt.

I felt the need after our morning together to write down for you the questions she asked in a three hour period, her words, not mine:

Why is the ocean salty?

“How do freshwater fish become fresh water? Like how do they just become freshwater? And how do they get there?”

“And rocks are weird, they just are, is this like all the rocks there will ever be? or do they just keep on developing?”

How many sand grains are there in the world?


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