30 Entries for 30 Days – Post Number 4 – You Only Want Me When You’re Lonely

You only want me when you’re lonely 

After reading ‘Stop dating someone you don’t have a future with just because it is convenient‘ on Elite Daily, my theory that we have all been the rebound at one stage in our lives plays true. We may just not have realised it.

My dalliance with Cody is solely based on the convenience that we live close by and we both haven’t found anyone we like better ( read the Tinder Fling or Am I enabling myself to be a Rebound to catch up). As much as I would love to see a future with this hunky man, I don’t think we will end up having one due to our personality and lifestyle clashes. He’s a bad boy, and while I am not radiate the entirely good girl vibe, it is defiantly there hidden under my somewhat recent trashy appearance. But the fact is that I entered into this ‘THING’, I say thing because there is no label, willing and knowing that there was a 89% chance it would end before it started.
It comes the the same stand by point my friends all make, I’m getting myself stuck in a relationship that prevents me from meeting my prince charming just like how I was with Gavin, I had 6 months stuck in a relationship I didn’t want for the sole fact I was too much of a pussy to hurt his feelings and free myself.  But the difference is, I can still meet other people while I am with Cody, like I said, there is no label… In saying that, he can also meet other people. I don’t see it as a waste, we are both throwing our emotions from previous relationships onto each other and allowing each other to slip back into our old comfort zones, regardless of how different they are.

Is this Convenience Or is it a Distraction?

Well the answer to this is BOTH, Ehh, I actually can’t talk.

If you are the one feeling like they only call you when they are lonely, it is time to shake up the power balance.

My first and foremost fear about doing this is,  ‘But What If They Don’t Come Chase Me?’ 

Well Honey, that is the point, if they don’t chase you when you switch up the rules and give yourself more power, then they aren’t worth the energy.

I must admit I have been reading a few chapters of ‘The Rules’ a book that I constantly say I will start implementing in my life when ever I start a new relationship (Although sadly I always forget) so thats why I have the motivation to say all this, otherwise it would be a long waffle of “I know it’s going to hurt me in the end, but I love him… Blah Blah Blah”, which can be demonstrated in almost all of my writing on romance, which revolves around me being infatuated with a man the moment he acts like a jerk.


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