30 Entries for 30 Days – Cats and Humans… A Funny Mix – Entry 3

While I was away in China, ShangHai specifically, I received a phone call on vibe from my mum. It was maybe 8am, you know hostel life, people party hard and sleep in. It was my second time to this beautiful city, my ex boyfriend and I had arrived the night earlier and had spent a bit too much of the evening enjoying our  working VPNs.

My Pumpkin, The love of my life, the cat that was above all other cats had been hit by a car.

When I first was told I automatically assumed she was still alive and the vet bills would just be expensive, regardless I cut my mum off and told her I would book the next flight home and told her that money wasn’t an issue. I mean after all our friends cat was hit by a car and survived intact…aside from a missing leg…

Turns out it was more a case of

‘She’s dead’

I don’t think I will forget my mums voice when she told me. That freaking cat was my life, I had just been saying how much I missed her and literally 7 hours previous I was telling my mum not to let her out at night time until I got back.

Anyway after a lot of crying and sympathy from my ex boyfriend, life carried on as it does, I spent a further 4 weeks away and arrived home to an empty house, her toys still there, just out of site to stop my mum from crying. The first night was torture without that furball getting in the way of my unpacking and rearranging, but in a hour all my things were where they belonged, the cats toys were back under my desk and my paintings where back on the walls.

The next morning I saw a kitten and of course that started my mum off in tears and I decided we should get another cat. I have another three years without traveling due to wanting to finish University. After much deliberation about the pros and cons of a kitten we ended up at the Animal Welfare League 10 minutes before adoption stopped.

We walked past heaps of cats, ranging from 10 months to 10 years, it was so panful to see them stuck there, they would come up to the glass window, itching to be stroked.

Mum of course saw a little black one that was so timid and reminded her of Pumpkin, so after a little crying and not much thought we decided to take her home, on our way out we walked past this huge white cat that looked terrified, she’d been there for weeks and still hadn’t settled in. After seeing her distress, yet another cat as added to our new family.

Huge White Cat now responds very well to her name : Lightening Harry

and The Small Black Cat responds well to : Thunder Cabbage or ‘Cat-Bitch’

It was a hard decision to rename these cats, but once we realised that they didn’t respond to the names they were given at the shelter, it was an easy decision.

Three weeks in Lightening Harry will only come out from under beds in the dark, and even then she is so quiet, running from my room to the living room sofa in seconds. I think that cat has the skill set to become invisible or at the very least has bendy bones since she can fit in spaces that are half the size of her face.

Thunder-Cabbage on the other hand, while still skittish, is getting braver and braver every day and roams around until she finds Lightening and races back to her hide out in the fear of getting a swipe.

I must admit the first week and half, two weeks….Two and a half weeks were stressful for me since they were so afraid of me, but after just sitting quietly with them, and not trying to grab them, they have become used to my smell, loudness and presence. Day by Day they get more game to come closer.

I don’t think I will ever really feel the same way about a cat again. I don’t even like cats, I think it was just her. So for the moment we just coexist, but time heals wounds and in this case I’m glad they are taking so long to settle in so that I can remember Pumpkin and give these new cats the love that they have been neglected from their previous owners.

There are thee posts I have on my past beautiful cat which you can read Here, Here and Here.


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