The Tinder Fling

I started up on Tinder for the first time last year right after I made a post about Online Dating, give it a go, which you can view HERE. After traveling for the last few months overseas, tinder became an easy way to meet cool people while I was jumping from city to city. I admit I deleted it and re-downloaded it a lot. After breaking up with my boyfriend, coming home to have all my friends be swamped with exams, and facing looking for a new job, the last two weeks being home Tinder has introduced me to some really cool people.

To date, Tinder is the only socially acceptable form of online dating. In saying that, even if your friends don’t admit to being on it, there is a high chance that they are on it anyway. Tinder is full of people looking to Hook Up, Hangout or even both. Most people will allude to wanting to ‘make new friends’, ‘hook up’, ” have some no strings attached ” or start a ‘long term relationship’.
Tinder isn’t only for singles, its also used by people in relationships who either want a 3 way or want to have an ego boost by matching with someone.

Since Tinder is a game for anyone who is shallow it does stroke the ego to know other people find you attractive, in saying that you have the people who will just swipe right to anyone and cull the flock later (cough cough mainly boys… and Even the guy Ive been seeing does it).


I have been seeing a few guys who I have met off Tinder, none of them are the stereotypical douchebag I was expecting, my favourite two are:

  • Cody, The emotionally unavailable, reckless, bad boy
  • Tom, The somewhat different Police Officer

These two guys are polar opposites, Tom is so well mannered and loves to go out on dates, while Cody is 100% more interested in watching movies and drinking beer.  While both have been vetoed by my friends, I still have continued to see them. While Tom does treat me significantly better, Cody is rebounding like crazy, which you can read about HERE.


10 thoughts on “The Tinder Fling

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  2. I’ve had quite a few unsuccessful tinder dates… Good luck! Hope it works out for you! I’m voting for tom – can’t get past a man in uniform 😉 oh and if he has any cute police friends, send them my way!

    • Hey thanks for commenting,
      Where they unsuccessful because they lied or just a personality clash?
      Haha Tom is just such a nice guy, but I’m starting to feel guilty for letting it drag on when I don’t see a future with him… In saying that I done see a future with Cody either, just it is the bad boy attitude. *Sigh*

      • No lying – one was a cocky ass hole whos favourite thing to do was be arrogant – and i cant stand arrogance! The others were just a lack of attraction – it felt too friendly!

      • Oh for sure, yeah there sure are a lot of arrogant guys floating around. I couldn’t agree more about the lack of attraction with some of them…
        Hopefully your next date will be better. 🙂

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