5 Worthwhile Things to Spend Money On

Sometimes you may just feel a need to spend your hard earned cash, but on what?

Are you a minimalist or have everything you need already? Well this post is for you.

1. A subscription to Journal Article Database.
Well if you need a reason for how awesome this is, maybe this isn’t top priority for you. I suggest Science Direct ( which you can see  Here) because there is nothing more annoying than doing research only to find you can’t access the article you want to read. I got my mum a subscription for her birthday last year and she’s on it every week telling me about a study that was done and what happened as a result. If you are sick of a friend or family member calling you to let you know your favorite food is apparently going to kill us all because they read it on a website or heard it on the radio, Then this is a great gift for yourself and them at the same time.

2. A new pair or Socks
It is practical, we all need socks.  (Unless of course you live in the tropics and have an aversion to wearing closed in shoes…) I wear boots almost every single day and it’s nice to have a good pair of socks that I know wont vanish as I climb a flight of stairs. I used to have 8 pairs of only so-so socks, I got rid of two pairs and spend $40 on a new pair which I wear every second day because they make putting on shoes enjoyable.

3. A festival ticket, I personally dislike the types of people who go to the average music festival, I think we all do deep down.  They smell of body spray and have no concept:
a) Of Personal Space
b) That they look like a huge douche.
Anyway, the type of  Festival I am referring you to look at is one that has talks/lectures and guest speakers on topics that matter to you.
For example Woodford Folk Festival. You can look at my post on it HERE, I must admit I spent the majority of the 7 days being a sponge and soaking up all the things I learnt.
You get to meet like minded people who you would normally never meet, and if you play your cards right, you wont run into that many stereotypical festival goers.

4. A massage.
Unless your partner is a masseuse, physio, musculoskeletal  therapist  or chiropractor, chances are you are missing out.
It’s nice to take some time out and feel to good effects of a massage, specifically the whole relaxing thing.

5. A good quality tea or coffee
I’m not talking one of those fancy home machines that you honestly don’t need ( unless coffee is your pride and joy). I’m talking about the actual thing you add hot water to and drink. After switching  brand that you buy at the supermarket constantly, I went to a Tea Center in Chatswood and found a tea that just makes my day. It’s loose tea leaves and set me back about $40 again (damn those socks), but you know it was worth it. I recommend going to a tea center and trying a few out before you buy a packet.


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