If Physical Illness was Treated like Mental Illness

Suicide Prevention Australia.

It’s strange that I came across this picture by chance this morning.
I decided four days ago to go cold Turkey on my medication, the last time I tried to do this (two months ago) I lasted 16 days. But this time, words can not describe how sick I was.
When the Nurse asked me why I thought I could just stop, I told her I didn’t want to be just another depressed person… It’s rare now for people to not suffer from a mental illness and that makes me feel so sad that it’s considered normal for kids my age to have:
Drug addictions
(Addictions in general)
Alcohol dependency

I’m not sure if it bothers anyone else. But just think about it, when your parents were growing up, people didn’t understand mental illness. How strong all those people were who had no one to comfort them. We are so so lucky.


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