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Playlist of the Week Study Music

Number 1 on this weeks Playlist is

Find No Enemy by Akala. (THIS IS A AMAZING SONG)

Asterix by Orange Range.

Safe to say you know what I was watching while I was procrastinating.

Marriage by The Eversons.

This song and the next are from the slightly odd movie, How to meet girls from a distance.

Creepy by The Eversons

It Can Wait by Illy

Ready Or Not by Bridgit Mendler

Tell Me by Good Old War

Cathedral by Crosby, Stills and Nash

Plain Sailing Weather by Frank Turner

Meant To Live by Switchfoot (Enjoy the lyrics)

The Fortunate by Cartel (make sure you listen to this one too)

Thanks for listening to my study music of the week. 🙂 

I have a date so I’ll catch up with ya’ll later 😀


Elysium’s Tips for Purging You Wardrobe

Elysium’s Tips For Purging Your Wardrobe:

First off let me tell you that even though I do this on a regular basis I still have too many clothes.

After seeing posts like Project 333 and having less then 100 possessions, I have always found that it’s motivation like this and the feeling of being free that makes me want to keep going. I want to be a minimalist, I do… I just have an unhealthy attachment for my books. I have 4 book cases in my room. As I am writing this post I am just about to buy another flute so you can think I am crazy but I would rather have two collections of things that I love to death than a bunch of stuff I didn’t. It is because I don’t buy clothes that I can afford things that I feel will make my life livelier. Music is good for the soul.


Why should I purge my closet?

  • It opens you up to accept more things (when ever I go on the war path to get rid of things to give to the church or friends I will always get at least half a new wardrobe given back to me in return which I then have to purge)
  • It makes you feel free (my personal opinion, I find it my depression and anxiety kind of flies away)
  • You feel AMAZING!
  • Why Not? Do you want to hold onto clothes you will NEVER wear again?



*Don’t purge for the sake of purging, I did it and found I got rid of things that I loved and kept things I didn’t. *



Take everything out of your wardrobe and section it into either tops,  jackets, bottoms, swimmers, pjs ect. OR summer and winter.

Put to the side anything that fits all five

  • Other people say you look good in it
  • It is comfortable (most important ladies)
  • YOU feel good in it and know it looks good. (I used to have clothes that other people said looked good on me but I never felt confident wearing it so I avoided it like the plague)
  • It adds something to you.
  • It goes with they clothes you will end up keeping.

Anything that doesn’t meet all five points put straight into a bag and set it aside to give away.


To me this is a tricky thing, I am always left with heaps of clothes at this stage and like to decided how many things I need to keep in order to get through a week. SO I suggest you do the same, write down the amount of things you need to get through the week, and now be ruthless:

Try everything on:

  • If it doesn’t fit properly get rid of it
  • If it looks old get rid of it
  • If you wouldn’t wear it out somewhere nice get rid of it. To me the idea of having ‘house’ clothes is lost, all my clothes look nice and are so comfortable that It’s like wearing pjs. So this means I don’t need the trackpants and tshirt with bleach stains.
  • Just because you paid money for it/ or it is a brand name doesn’t mean you have to keep it.