Make The Difference

There are a few things that make a difference to my life in the last week or so.

This is my number one favorite song of the moment, I have listened to it non stop since I first heard it.

Box Of Danger This Particular production group? not sure if that is what to call them has been sitting on my ipod for the last two years, I first saw the Pokemon abridged series while I was on a bus traveling from heathrow airport to North wales in the August of 2009. I LOVE IT.  But i hadn’t refreshed myself with their podcast until recently, the last two nights, in between assessments I have been listen to their podcasts and laughing non stop at the two guys chatting away, it’s nice to feel like you are having social interaction without having to interact with people. – this is oinly during times of assesments otherwise I would totally prefer to see a friend in person than sit on the bus listening to these on the way to work/home from work.

And as always, my favorite you-tuber, Bl00dblitz known for Rob’s Rants.  

The next thing that in the last two weeks would have been walking along the beach almost every night/early morning – it is just clarifying. And speaking of clarifying I got given a handy dandy Salt Rock Lamp. You can see more : here :Salt Lamp.

Oh and number 1! my diet! I have started eating a lot more yogurt. I have no clue why, but I have just been craving it and yesterday I made a smoothy and put a heap of aloe vera in it. IT was FANTASTIC aside from the occasional bitter taste, just be careful no to scrape to close to the green when you put the jelly in otherwise it has a laxative effect – and no i didn’t find that out from first hand experience. I learnt it in my Herbal Manufacturing Class.  and of course tried it out on my mum 🙂


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