Procrastination at its Finest

I’m the biggest procrastinator I know, for a long time I had always thought I was on top of things, then it moves to just working better under pressure, but the last two months I have finally realised I just like to procrastinate. I have two exams this week that are due and I have started neither of them, I some how have been a zombie and done nothing, well a lot of things that weren’t nothing. So I have made the executive decision to take the next three days off university to get them done, I know it may be a bit extreme by the sounds of it, BUT since I only just got around to reading my course guide, I found out there is no final exam for 4/5 of my subjects and that the assessments are worth everything.

You can imagine my shock

So it’s time for once that I beat procrastination.

But before I start my assignment – yes this post is procrastination. There is my new TARA WOLF bracelet

it retails at $250 Australian

and I got it for $100 at The Reed Gift Fair.



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