A Nothing Day

What is A Nothing Day I see myself asking myself. A Nothing Day is defined by myself as a type of mental health day that is taken to do nothing, no chores or errands, no school work, no work work, no cleaning, nothing that you actually need to do. The only difference is that you are already not working that day.


I started my mid semester (week) break this week, and so far I have worked most of it. Today was supposed to be my nothing day where I literally do nothing before my busy day of Uni assignments and study starts tomorrow and exists until I have work next, followed by University. I use the nothing day as a recharge, it’s like a day off while you are working to catch up on stuff that is making you stressed, but today none of that stuff should be thought about.
Unfortunately my nothing day is replaced by driving to Maroubra and back.
But I’m day dreaming of all the unproductive things I could have done today.


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