Feeling Stuck

As I’m waiting to meet my ex after class in a coffee shop I couldn’t feel more stuck. Last summers hits play over the radio as I’m trying desperately to psych myself up for what ever on slaughter happens. He’s 15 minutes late and I’m honestly wondering why I’m here. The grand I lent him to get his bad off the ground seems to have worked, they have been played on the radio once. So that grand I kissed away in order to get my life back is fanes only feet away, so I guess that’s why I am here.
I’m wondering if he’ll yell at me for doing what I did, but in the background of my thoughts I’m thinking about his new overly loving girlfriend who is much “hotter” than me, well I actually don’t think so but she’s skinner than me by far, my winter 10 pounds after coming back from overseas is really getting at me.
I want to travel. I don’t care where.
I’ve got the bug. I want to be anywhere but here.

I just want to get rid of that stuck feeling. You know that feeling of drowning while the whol world moves on…



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