Strangers in Train Stations

It only just occurred to me today as I waited for the train in Chatswood station that I must appear really strange in winter. Summer I’m a regular person, but in winter I turn into a person hell bent on not being cold.
Chatswood in general is a cold station.

Wearing more than 5 layers and gloves you think if be warm? That’s where you’d be wrong.

As soon as I get off the bus and run to my platform I have about 1 minute of heat stored I think from exertion of running. Regardless of running I usually have a 10-15 minute wait and the only way I see fit to keep warm is to movie. I walk up and down the platform about 4 times and stand in the sun on the other side of the platform until my train comes. Although I have done a lot worse on nights coming home from the city, taking a leaf out of homelessness, wrapping myself in newspaper to stop the wind was probably the best and worst idea. I was a hell of a lot warmer than I would have been although the states were a bit much. clearly the onlookers were smart enough to bring a coat in the middle of winter.

But back to my train station regime, I didn’t really notice until today that people stare at you if you walk past them 5 times. If I was an onlooker, the first time I wouldn’t look up, or the second time, probably I wouldn’t give a pacer the time of day. They are trying to keep warm – at least I understand it haha. But today clearly they never saw anyone walking up and down a platform before. So if you aren’t warm enough at a station, my advice is:
1 Go in search of sunlight
2 Walk the platform up and down as quick as you can
3 (if you are really self conscious) jut do some Movement in your legs. Raise up and down on your toes.

I personally have been caught dancing to my iPod at the train station and it’s not as embarrassing as you may think. Both parties have a laugh and the onlooker gets to have a good snicker when they get to work. WIN WIN SITUATION


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