Movies I’m Loving Right Now

My favorite movies right now to procrastinate to are:
1. Miss Potter –
I think I really identified with this film, mainly because of Beatrix. She is probably my favorite representation.
2. Big Fish –
Ewan McGregor plays the best character (second to miss Beatrix potter), an aloof big fish in a small pound and just keeps the story going as he enters the real world. I think I cried during this movie and number 1 the entire time.
3. Lone Ranger – I have never laughed so hard in my life. I felt like I had spent 2 hours in the gym doing my stomach.
4. National Security – I’m actually watching this film right now and the first 30 minutes were hilarious. Just watch out for the bumble bee.
5. The Border – Harrison Ford plays this cop with an amazing set of morals and values. It follows several families, all intertwined as they try to make it in America.


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