Sunny Winter

After a wild night with a friend who I only met the night previous, I managed again to only get 3 hours sleep. 😛 but tiredness shouldn’t slow you down. Being on the move since 6am, with only 6 hours sleep combined over two days, I decided what every rational person would do. To go for a picnic. But not only one. My morning picnic started at the beautiful Dee Why Beach

A morning picnic like no other. About 5 rashers each of greasy fatty bacon, egg and tomato on toast. With chocolate and junk food to boot!
After laying in the sun being constantly taken from any form of napping I had planned, my friend and I strolled around the beach before parting ways.
Then onto picnic number 2. The awkward lunch and dinner picnic down at Newport beach. Which I actually didn’t bother to take a photo of, we ventured into Avalon, the next suburb over, be what a good thing we did. ICECREAM and one of our friends had just finished work – the black pants and white shirt.





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