Ok so I am a relatively proud person.

I know I stand out now,because I never did from the age of 12-14, I was shy and quiet during that age.

I like to think I’ve made up for lost time.
The awkward age between 12-14 were what I like to think of as my secluded days, I read books everyday and enjoyed my own company. It was also around this time I first started seeing a psychologist for depression and anxiety. go figure huh?

Anyway I like to think I’m now memorable. You see me in the streets and you will remember me. I like to think I make an open, approachable impression.
But after sitting next to someone every day for a year in my last year of high school for modern history and hearing them say that they didn’t remember you was a bit of a cut.

Haha I must admit I was laughing afterwards.
Aside from the realization the world doesn’t revolve around me I remembered how much I had changed.

I was so quiet, I tried so hard to not stick out from the crowed but I could never bring myself to actually change in order to make friends in an all girls shool.

Any other school or situation no problem, and when I say it was no problem I mean I’ve been to 7 Schools and 2 universities and more summer camps than you can poke a stick at.

I can make friends easily in coed but you put me in a room full of girls who wear makeup have extensions and know all the latest gossip I literally become that
Awkward Weird Girl something I had never minded during the age of 12-14.
I just got used to it, the label, but now that I know I don’t have to be alone anymore hearing that someone didn’t remember me was so foreign …

It was only two years ago… But I guess it did take me 3 semesters to recognize her too.

It feels reliving to know and be able to look back on my progress.

From loneliness to having people that love me always around. I’m so great full for the reminder



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