Out With The Old, In With The New

I don’t know if it’s just me, but after a holiday I like to make changes. that link is actually just some groovy music,by Boys Like Girls, to listen to while you read. Anyway, as you know, I finally made the best decision to break up with Dave. Which you can read about  Here.  And with that I decided I didn’t want a boyfriend.

In my experience they are:

  1. a drain on energy
  2. expensive
  3. smelly
  4. con artists (just kidding, but they trick you into thinking they have goals and motivation… and then turn out to be nothing like that)

Then again my track record with guys isn’t that good as you may have read. But my point still stands, you get rid of the old and the new comes into your life.

SO while I have de-clutered my life, in the clothes sense and possessions, I have also freed  myself on the boyfriend field, to which another more charming gentleman has taken his place. ( I am actually a hopeless romantic. I love to fall in love… it’s just once the excitement has worn out I can see that I didnt really love them that much).


But I find when ever I get rid of things, new things just fall into my lap. Generally better.

After my minimalism kick was halted by Dave and his contagiously lazy attitude, I am finally back on track, cutting down and culling, and what happens, a whole heap of new clothes, in much better nick than my own, fall into my lap… well technically I was given them by my mums friend.


I find less stuff, I feel more Free. And I don’t get sick as often. I just have more energy in general. I have realised I do have a hording aspect of my life. Books. I cants get rid of them, It is so hard. I love each and everyone of them like a best friend.


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