Portugal WHAT?

How on earth did I end up in Portugal after starting the Camino?

That my friends is easily answered.

Pain, they always say push through the pain, well I followed this advice and I ended up doing more harm than good. In a 3 km distance I went from on to of the world (the tiptop of a mountain) to being in the most pain I have ever been in unable to walk. So lets say that my pilgrimage stopped there, Unable to walk more than a few steps at a time I managed to get to the nearest town Orio and caught the train back to San Sebastian. The price was the main factor in determining where I went, Barcelona or Madrid, Madrid won by  only 20 Euros. But since I wanted to get a train that day I had to buy a ticket in business class since EVERY OTHER TICKET WAS SOLD, I arrived in madrid after a 6 hour train trip on the fast train at 11pm.

Spending 2 nights in a 4 star hotel (at my mothers expense) resting my knees and popping pills like there was no tomorrow. I managed,  in my moments of sanity to book a tour down to the south of Spain on a five day tour. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. the little walking on the long bus ride helped. (more posts to come plus pictures) thinking that I would recommence the camino at a different starting point on the 10th and walk until I have to come back form my plane on the 15th. It was initially achievable. Until I started to put weight on my leg. FAR OUT MAN! Any idea of doing any walking was cut short. It was ruining my holiday, so after a brief cry over spilled milk (my knee being the milk), I booked my flight to Portugal yesterday and arrived this morning.


Keep You Posted.


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