Tips For Exams

Tips For Exams

1. Make sure you have Everything you need. I spent 45 minutes this morning looking for a calculator for an exam I am on my way to…. Those 45 minutes I should have been spent on the bus and now I risk being late. I had to resort to buying a calculator from woollies

2. Make sure you arrive to your exam early. Or plan too at least. because shit happens

3. Study anything in the exam. I found out this morning that I am intact so much more unprepared than first thought because I didn’t do 5 lectures

4. Attend all the classes..this is my weak point and let me tell you it does show up in my marks

5. Your social life can and will wait!

6. Eat well! I felt like I’ve been studying so much harder than normal (normal is sub zero study), and therefore I am entitled to a treat…. I have consumed 3 jars of Nutella – just because its gluten free does not make it good for you… The scales are proof of that

7. Take breaks and it is ok to reward yourself. I found that I studied hard core without rewards or breaks from 7am-7pm two days on a row and it killed studying for me

8. Get a good nights sleep leading up the the exam. last night ( the night before an exam) I slept horribly, I feel and look like death warmed up

9. Take tissues and water into the exam with you. Sniffing and coughing cause rage.

10. If you get in the exam and don’t know any of the questions don’t freak out and faint. so You studied the wrong stuff. Who cares ? Answer them to the best of your ability and what happens happens. Freak out after the exam is over as much as you like because you can’t do anything about it.

11. Don’t leave everything to the last minute… Like the section I actually knew was going to be in the exams I haven’t bothered to learn

Here is a Picture of pumpkin to make your exams go well.


One thought on “Tips For Exams

  1. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. Exam days are most stressful days throughout whole year. Every student full of stress, no sleeps, no proper diet. These are not only ways to face exams. It’s not necessary to study whole year like having your head in the books all the time. The best way to prepare for the exams are prefer proper study material which have the latest question- answers with the important topics. Exam simulators can also be preferred for exam preparations.

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