Yesterday Morning I woke up and I was sick as a dog, this was one of the rare occasions I was physically sick. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! It was my last day of University for the semester, the last lesson before Exams. But as I moped around at home having a pity party for myself since I actually wanted to go that day, I decided there and then that I wanted to adventure. and just like that  I decided I would go.

  • My first plan was Spain, to do the Camino….Then I looked at the airfares
  • Then I decided Peru, they have some amazing walks….  I looked at the airfares, perhaps Peru can wait with Spain on the backburner.
  • Then I decided that the whole northern Hemisphere can wait.
  • Vietnam? Cambodia? China? Japan? Taiwan?

No I am too poor

But I didn’t let that get me down! I decided I would go on my own adventure, and better yet, I don’t need to leave the country.

So I am heading to South NSW to embrace the cold and explore places I can’t remember on the next long weekend (I get back the morning of my exam… not too well planned). Its going to be a weekend full of

But lets talk backpacks, while I already own a few hiking packs, this site still taught me a thing or too. While it is common knowledge to put your sleeping bag at the bottom of your pack I didn’t really know about the rest of the weight displacement.

I haven’t packed yet, but when I do, I wont forget to do the checklist I printed off a website.


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