Life Is A Sneaky Bastard

So on my health kick of the moment I am suddenly in love with the idea of a meal plan for the week. Too often Dave and I spend about 2 hours deciding what we want for dinner. Normally this is only a slight delay, but since we are going to be moving in-together… officially, in our own place, there will be no room for spending unnecessary money of food that will spoil because we don’t get around to eating it.

After much searching on the internet, literally about 3 solid hours of hard work I finally found exactly what I wanted on Just Bento, An amazing website/blog thing that I have fallen in love with.

Having to prepare meals, (The usual 3 X 2) every day and manage to fit that around our crazy scheduled of work and University and life, I thought

What Could Be Better?

  • It’s healthy
  • Exciting
  • You can’t get that bored of it
  • Good for a fussy eater (*Cough Dave*)
  • QUICK and Easy to Make

Those are the key points I need want (haven’t figured it out yet) to suit my lifestyle, so I decided I am going to give it a go. It sounds like a great idea to me. A think a Bento Lunch would be a great way to loose weight at a healthy pace, while I am actually enjoying my food. What I initially was thinking about as a problem was the amount of carbs… but everything in moderation. 

This website offers some really great hints and tips for the safety and packing of a bento.


Did I mention that there is even recipes that even I can follow? Ermahgosh, I am so happy. There is a whole list of yummy foods.


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