It was taking me a while to think of something to write about the morning, all I knew was I had to write (I’m yet again putting off studying for an exam). And then it hit me (not literally.


I have always had bad posture since I started to have issues with mental health.

When I was a kid I had great posture, But somehow I have reached that age where I feel like I can blame my bad posture on my scoliosis … but so many people have it and dont know it. and to be honest I shouldn’t use that as my scape-goat.

As I am writing this I feel my back stretching, making room for those cramped vertebrae to breath … well maybe not breath, but stretch up to where they should be. My chest feels more open and I actually just feel a heap more confident, even though I am just sitting behind a computer.

Posture Is Everything.

This website really is worth a look. Better Health


  • Shoulders back and DOWN (It is only so good to have them back, but if you find your shoulders are up near your ears, I really don’t think that is good. So put them down)
  • Top of your head held high, not so much like you are looking down your nose at everyone else, but like someone is holding a string from the top of your head.
  • Chest Proud! Be Confident… the first few days of doing this you may feel a bit like a tool, but you will look and feel a whole lot confident
  • Now for some people, you may feel like you look like a duck, with your bottom stuck out. So tuck your pelvis under, Think Ballet.

Check out the greatist for a bit more motivation.

I really almost feel happier and more confident when I stand tall. It is crazy, the pain is annoying for the first few days, but embrace the burn. I think it’s your body punishing you for all the hurt you caused it by not standing correctly. Embrace IT! While standing tall doesn’t make you happier I think it is good that it makes other people think you are happy and confident, even if you dont feel that way yourself.

Remember, pretend until it becomes real.


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