Mother’s Day Gift

We all know Mother’s Day is coming soon. This Sunday to be specific and if you are like me and leave gifts to the last minute here are some good ideas.

This idea came to me via Endeavour College.
What You Need
A candle
some string
and some cinnamon sticks

all you need to do is get your cinnamon sticks as line the candle, like in the picture above, and tie it with some string to keep it in place.

Home Made Sugar Scrub
What You Need
Essential Oil
Basically all you do is mix the oil and the sugar and put it in a jar with a few drops of essential oil and your done.

This can make a great present idea for your mum or granny.
I use mine as a great exfoliator in the shower and the oil leaves my skin moisturized while the sugar gets rid of all the build up.


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