Dress Every Day Like It Is Your Last

And by the title, this doesn’t mean you allowed to run around naked…unless you want to get arrested of course.


For me I prefer to think of it as if I may have the chance of a life time today. So dress well. I certainly have those days where I refuse to get out of my pjs or go down to the shops in my “house clothing” But why not make that little more effort to wash your face and dress to impress, maybe not impress, unless you are impressing your self, but dress in some of your nice clothes.

Wear the best clothes you have. You never know when you will wear them again.

Fashion is not my strong point and I seem to be switching between causal and formal-ish clothes.

But I know I do feel better when I dress up. Someday to university I dress like a slob because I am in a mood, but the next day may be a good day and I will regret not wearing a nice dress.

That is, I think another reason why I culled my clothes, I like to have a uniform. For Example: On Thursdays I always wear the same dress to work. I know it is weird but it keeps me in line.


I have clothing for different occasions but they can all be worn again, Dressed up or Dressed Down. But I Wear It Every Chance I get.



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