Places To Meet New People

If you aren’t into meeting people online or just want to give this a go, 3 unusual places to meet people are:
The Airport on my flight back from Melbourne I made great friends with an aspiring Politician from Tasmania who moved up here. Had I not been in a relationship I would have jumped at the chance.

Train Station sure you have the MX to deliver missed interactions with people who found you attractive, but I have met a lot of guys on my commute to work by the train.

The Gym
Sweat from a hard work out looks better than any makeup to me. And I have found it to be somewhere that you can meet new people and if they catch you watching them and you are too shy. You can always say you wanted to perfect your form the way that they did.

In line at the supermarket age old habit when picking out fruit to ask people about the firmness.
It may give you a better lighting to see who you are talking to than a club.

I find this is pretty common to have someone try and pick you up.

And finally The Park

Have fun loitering

Don’t forget parties and though mutual friends are a great way to meet new people, not to mention university or people in other courses.

This always happens to me when I meet a stranger and hit it off.
It can be hard to remember that they don’t know that you are involved with someone and you don’t know if they are either.


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