This morning I revived in the mail a letter from the animal welfare league that I have volunteered for since I was 14. In the 5 years that I have supported them they have always gone above and beyond, looking after strays, abandoned, and neglected animals.
Please instead of buying a cat like I did from a pet shop (which usually supports the cruel animal farming where dogs and cats are only used as baby making machines, never knowing compassionate human touch) or a registered breeder, go to a pound or vet and adopt a animal that has already been through trauma. The volunteers of AWL and other associations like it, help animals who have been abused become able to be used to a pat rather than a hit.

They have never asked me for money that I couldn’t spare and in the goal to raise 10,000 all it takes is for everyone to put in just a little if its 2$ or $100. Every little bit helps. Collect your spare change for a week and give that. Do you really need that $4 coffee three times a day? It only costs about 30 cents to make. But you are spending between $3-$5 dollars on it. Wouldn’t you rather it goes to giving a dog or a cat a meal?
If you own pets you know how expensive it is to look after them. Food, vet bills, antibiotics, kitty litter. It adds up. And that’s what the AWL needs. Just a little more to help meet the needs of these poor animals, which without the help of volunteers or donations would be stuck in concrete cages in their on filth with barely any food. If you can’t donate, then volunteer your time.






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