Vibram = The Five Finger Shoes

I have this sudden urge (As usual I got an exercises kick at work, where I cant actually run) to run barefoot along the beach, through the grass and avoid all concrete (running on that barefoot is like death to my feet soecifically). But all the problems I find with running on grass is that it is usually under trees. and the problem with that is the spiky things that are lying in wait for my foot to come crashing down on them. So after some googeling I found a shoe that I had seen on a member of  GunFace ( A BAND FROM BATHERST) when we went bushwalking (technically it was a geocash adventure).


The Vibram

I want a pair, like badly! Can you imagine being able to run barefoot and not have to worry about thorns hiding in the grass.

Having strong feet Naturally!

They have a great list of resources that can help you understand why a change to their shoes is beneficial to you Here


When I get a pair… WHEN, not ‘if’. I will tell you all about them unless you beat me to it!


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