Outfit of the Day 3/5/13

20130503-111407.jpg Why yes, I am in the bathroom.

This dress is one of the many that I got in Melbourne, (and one of the few to still be in my possession) and since it’s rather high necked and its actually kind of a cold day I just wore a 3/4 top under it. There is no jumper or jacket since I drove to work today. Oh My Gosh! Driving to work was less than half the time it takes me on public transport and I got far less strange looks for singing along to music.

and of course with the groovy boots, I seem to wear them almost every day. well for winter I am at least down to only two pairs of shoes, so it isn’t completely a loss on the front of having less things… Unless I get the Vibram  shoes sooner than summer20130502-100514.jpg


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