Best Sweet Treats

The Best Sweet Treats are not mine (there is no way I could come up with such good ideas) But oh my gosh you have to check these out:

These are the 5 things I think I could just live with happily.


At number one:  Nutella-Mallow Pillow Pockets 

These scrumptious pockets are so good! great recipe by Picky Palate

Nutella and marshmallow filled puff pastry ! Can You get Anything Better?

gooey and warm nutella with the marshmallow that somehow disappears… this is my favorite thing ever! Crunch and Chocolate!!!!!



Behind Number Two, Ladies and Gentlemen is the very yummy Caramel Popcorn

This is a big favorite of mine, while I haven’t used the recipe I linked because the method is use is floating around in my head, it is basically the same.

You cant beat that sweet crunch and chew.


Three! Chocolate coated Marshmallows 

I want you to like them as much as I do. I literally cried making these because  I didn’t get to eat them personally. But the recipe by Savory Sweet Life and it is actually called Rocky Road Marshmellow Pops.


Four ( I may be bias because I love them so much) Cinnamon Scrolls

So Yummy, and so easy to make! what isn’t to love?


And 5. A bagel… I know it is time consuming and not always sweet. But I came across this page and I just love it! I cant wait to try it~!

This great webpage allows you to know how to do it with a step by step manual.


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