Some people in the same boat as me may have been advised to keep a Gratitude Diary, Each day write down something you are grateful for.

When this was first suggested to me about three years ago I laughed. If I can hardly get out of bed how do you expect me to write down something in a book?

After perhaps the 8th time I had it suggested to me I finally gave in (? I dont think my wording is right) decided they were perhaps not as stupid as I had previously thought and decided to give it ago.

On Good Days:

I would write down my love of nature and how happy I was that I was alive and healthy to be able to experience it

On Bad Days:

I couldn’t even find the strength to be happy that the sun was shining.

Pathetic Days that take away everything if you let it.

But I decided that I cant let that be my life. 


I have plans, and since I have told them to you I must now go out and achieve them to the best of my ability.


Every Few Months I have that moment where I decide I want to change and turn over a new leaf to be a better person…  but seriously if you have read even about 10 of my posts I think at least 2 of them will have soemthing to do with getting better and the rest about how I got lazy.

Lazy is the best word. I was able to keep going  and I just gave up. 

I think this a path that I will go on until that one time that I decide to change just like, and maybe this time will be the one that sticks. 

and Until then I am going to keep trying.


Today I am Grateful That I Have The Ability To Change.


‘ I will change “Someday”‘

Someday isn’t a day of the week. there are seven days of the week, and “Someday” or “One day” aren’t one of them.


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