Personal Space

Personal Space?

Well mine has now been invaded from all the clothes I bought in Melbourne.

What actually happened in Melbourne?

Well that is a good question, it all happened in a whirl wind of five days. But mainly I have come home with a lot of new things that I neither wanted or needed and a hefty $600 to pay off my card.

Some people eat when they are depressed or stressed, some people shop, some people sleep a lot.

I unforgettably do all three, But this time I didnt get to sleep any extra.

My triggers in general are:

  • Clutter
  • Eating Unhealthly, the sugar makes me feel so bad
  • Not sleeping Enough
  • Lack of excersise


I shopped, ate junk food (which made it worse), I didn’t sleep well and I didn’t exercises.
The shopping, while I am out and spending money is great, well it puts a thin layer over the depression until you get back and find so much stuff in your house, imagine that but multiplied by 8 peoples belongings scattered in a two bedroom unit. It made everything so much worse, add some M&Ms and maybe 5 packets. Not to mention, while in my stupid state of mind I forgot I couldn’t eat gluten and on three separate occasions had french toast for breakfast and spend the afternoon being out of action.


But finally after getting home and looking at all the stuff I bought I realized I wanted nor needed any of it and it was simply because I could.

before I left for Melbourne I thought I had too much stuff in my small room, but now it’s a lot more than what I bargained for.



Personal Space

It’s personal right? well I thought my bedroom was my personal space, but it seems that no matter how hard I try and put things away they keep spilling out. These aren’t my things though, that’s the problem.  If they were mine, I would get rid of them.

All my clothes currently fit into 2 draws in my chest of draws. the bottom draw I set aside for Dave….


He doesn’t live with me.. but somehow all of his things are at my house. Not only does he have more clothes than I do, but the ones he doesn’t put in the draws, all live on the floor of my room… which let me tell you is not a relaxing thing when you hate clutter.



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