So Melbourne is treating me well. The weather specifically, it was cold in the morning when I was rugged up in bed. But when I went shopping in Bentley today to fill up my time before we left for the vineyards, it was SO HOT.
Well maybe not hot, but I was wearing a singlet top.
Instead of keeping to my minimalist goal… I may have bought some clothes.
To me, when ever “Albert’s Girls”, AKA my mum and her sisters, get to getter there is shopping to be had. And since I’m the baby of the family I have been spoiled! I saw many many great shops but the one which almost broke my bank account was a shop called “dressed@329”.
4 dresses later I found myself again in another shop, where I found another two dresses, one of which I decided to wear to the wedding tomorrow. I also fell into the trap of “fake tan” I just couldn’t help myself, it looks really good. Normally I wouldn’t recommend it but I used “Bondi Sands” in the dark colour and I’m really pale usually but it looks fabulous! Can’t deny it, it is no where near orange. I love it!

Victoria is deceptively like NSW Red Hill

I can’t believe how close we are to the coast. About an hour out of Melbourne.



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