Update on minimizing

I never thought I would want to cut down my already limited collection of possessions.

But after being a child where everything I owned came second hand or from a garage sale I ended up with a lot of stuff, but as a kid my mum would regularly go through my draws and get rid of things that were too old or didn’t fit anymore. .. Then as I got old enough to do it myself, I thought I was too cool to have a garage sale. But ive gotten back into the swing of things. I just love the feeling of being free from the weight of my possessions, now in my last post I listed all the things in my room… what I neglected to mention was the 3 ball gowns that used to belong to my mum and are now mine.

They aren’t benefiting me but neither are they getting in the way. Out of sight out of mind.

But is that really how you want to live. After doing a lot of researching on the web, looking at other peoples own minimalistic change on their blogs, I have decided to jump on board to a point.

Possessions tie you down. I don’t think I could ever survive with just one pair of pants (*Cough* http://tynan.com/minimalism ) But he is totally right!!!!

“I realized that all of the stuff I had didn’t really contribute to my happiness as I expected it might have.”

Once I read that line, which I had read time and time again across all ranges of blogs on getting rid of possessions, It finally sunk in.

All these possessions were not making me happy

So, I am going to try and cut down more.

I think I need, clothing wise half the amount of clothes that I have. Most of my clothes are black…. Which I guess is good.

With my wardrobe I can wear what I wear to work to University… I just look a little office like. The only thing is I need 1 party dress and one formal dress on top of my dresses that I wear to both University and Work.

In books I always read, “always wear your good clothes, even if you are at home”


Whatever I cant fit into a suitcase I will get rid of, either sell and put the money to my kittens vet bills, (I know it is a bad idea but I am not taking out pet insurance, She already has a problem with her bowl and it won’t be covered by insurance, My solution is to simply put away 50$ a week into my savings and put it aside for her and if I need it, it is there)


This is not for anyone else, I mean who is benefiting from me owning less… only myself.




Starting with:

  • Stockings X14 (I wear these almost every day, 3 are multi coloured and the rest are patterned black ones)
  • Shirts (3 business shirts and 4 T-shirts)
  • Dresses X5
  • Long Pants ( 2 work pants, 2 jeans, 1 exercise)
  • Jumpers X4
  • Skirts X5
  • Pyjamas X4 (2 summer and 2 winter)
  • Swimmers X3
  • 1x Sports bra
  • 1x exercise shorts
  • 1x specific exercise shirts (I usually just wear one of my t Shirts)
  • Underwear
  • Socks x12
  • 2 leather jackets, one short and one longish
  • 1 fleecy jacket
  • Bras
  • Suit jacket
  • Vest
  • 2 pairs of boots, 1 pixie and 1 long
  • 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of wedges
  • Outdoor sandals.
  • Sneakers

What I narrowed down to this morning:

  • A pink dress, ( I can wear this everyday of the week in my current lifestyle) I bought it at the Easter show for $35
  • Jumper – 2 black turtle neck, one very warm and 1 light
  • A dressy pink dress $50 from Forcast
  • A dressy white and black dress $65 from Zara
  • A Black skirt, I just bought it at Target (I really shouldn’t be spending money, but I can wear it to death until I loose a bit of the love handles, $25 )
  • Grey Flippy skirt $2 Garage sale
  • 2 black business shirts, $20 each target
  • 2 long sleave tops, one white and one black, winter is approaching $15 each- Glassons
  • 2 t-shirts, one is a frank turner shirt David bought me at a show $45, and the other is one with a cartoon on it $ 2 garage sale
  • Stockings – I wear these 5/7 days. And since I already own a lot I won’t get rid of any now as I manage to rip a pair every week and have to mend it until it has completely had it.
  • 1 Leather Jacket $120 Zara
  • 1 black dress cardigan $ 2 Garage sale
  • 1 fleecy jacket – Free
  • A red hat – $40 (memory of Dubbo)
  • Exercise gear: I pair of shorts, one pair of long pants, 1 sports bra, 1 exercise top
  • Shoes: Sneakers, 2 pairs of leather boots (purple and black), hiking boots, 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of wedges, my beautiful sandals I have had since I was 14 broke L
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of work pants
  • Pyjamas : 1 winter, 2 summer
  • Underwear and socks

(I do still have my swimmers and ski stuff, but they are packed out of sight until they are needed)

What is “new” to my collection is in italics

How I get around my limited wardrobe:

Monday: Work:

  • Dress, Stockings, boots, cardigan and jacket

Tuesday: University

  • Work shirt, black skirt, stockings, boots, cardigan and jacket

Wednesday: University

  • Dress, Stockings, boots, cardigan and jacket

Thursday: Work

  • Work shirt, black skirt, stockings, boots, cardigan and jacket

Friday: Work

• Dress, Stockings, boots, cardigan and jacket

While the weekend is my own, I am either stuck studying, cleaning or both. (I said goodbye to my social life a while ago)

Saturday: t-shirt and jeans

Sunday: t-shirt and jeans

To be honest, if I am really lazy and don’t want to wash everyday, I will wear the same thing again the next day. But I am lucky that my timetable currently allows for such a limited wardrobe. It is my uniform basically.

Now onto possessions:

Bleh, I hate doing this part, I feel like it is so hard to get rid of these things, but I don’t “Need” them.

I have some things I am still struggling to get rid of:

  • A crystal ball I got for my birthday
  • A pack of oracle cards

But on the plus side, I have removed a lot of “decorative” items from my room, after introducing a kitten into my life, a lot of my decorative possessions that I don’t need have come under attack of her new use of claws. Light stands have been the main target as well as many dangling things, so they are off, leaving only some jewellery and a candle to sit on my shelf. My books and one picture frame, I have left alone until now.

Slowly the hallway has become full of all my junk quickly.


I’ll keep you posted as I go. but just looking around and knowing I actually have space in my draws is just so.. Fulfilling!



2 thoughts on “Update on minimizing

  1. I think you are doing very well. Keep at it!

    About your crystal ball, I personally that is something very cool. and fits in a minimalist room very well; I would keep it.

    Today the idea of just having everything in my closet match. Like yourself I like wearing black. I was thinking on pulling the Steve Jobs look, or the Dexter stalking outfit. So I looked at my closet and I found a lot of Black, tan, and white and of course blue jeans. That is when I realized was already there. Although I like bright color tops, I really do not look good in red or yellow. So I will be buying some (well a lot) of white and black tops.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I love feed back. I’m glad you think it will fit. I think it would be so hard to get rid of it in the long run. Yeah the colorful tops really brighten up the outfit! I bought a red belt and that changed the entire outfit I’m wearing at work. Haha I don’t know anyone who looks good in yellow. Maybe a bright scarf would be a nice touch?

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