Minimize the Time spent on Technology

Alright, so today alone I have been on the band wagon of getting rid of things, while I can list my clothes easily enough, can I list the amount of technology I use. I am a bit of a hypocrite, but no longer, (fingers crossed).

I own:

  • Two Laptops
  • Iphone
  • Ipod
  • 2 cameras
  • 1 videocamera
  • 3 mother boards
  • 4 apple chargers
  • 1 external hard drive
  • 1 external card reader
  • 2 docking stations

and I am so bad with using technology, I can only really do simple things like uploading, I even struggle to use this site sometimes haha.

I don’t need all this.

I will explain about the laptops.

One is almost dead but I am determined to make 100% use out of it, but while in my spending mind set I went out and I bought a mac-book .. I don’t know how to use it (change is hard for me to master) so I reverted back to my old ways, avoid it until I have to use it (so until this laptop which is 8 years old kicks it I will try and not use it). But for the mean time I have one that is not being used. not cool man, so I have made a deal with a family friend who is much more technology friendly than I, that they can use it until mine dies for $10 a month. (I know I am greedy but that 10$ I think is fair since it is brand new and they suggested it.)

So that is at least one thing gone from my collection.

The three cameras are a problem for me. I have had one for 9 years which still takes the best pictures, it is an old olympus. I know I really should just keep one photography device (which should be my phone, but I like my camera). So I have decided to keep one of my cameras and keep the video camera since I want to start filming things. I only need one charger for my phone and iPod –  they can share.  I only need one docking station. I decided to keep the smaller one, so at least it is out of the way and can be put away easily.

I dont need the card readers any more since I got rid of the camera which needed it.

The harddrive – I have managed to get rid of all my CDs after putting them all on my harddrive as well as my decreasing dvd collection.

I have only kept 5 dvds,

  • Princes Bride
  • Robin Hood Men In Tights
  • BBC version of Robin Hood Season 1+2
  • Serenity

I got rid of 28 Seasons of TV shows as well as a very large selection of DVDs which I never watch anyway.


I believe that I still spend too much time on my technology, I have decided to limiting my blogging day  to Thursday as I hate staring at a screen but love to write. Thursday is also my 1/2 tv days where I watch the roast on the ABC. Sunday is the other day where I watch the Doctor Who episode as it comes out. The rest of the time is put towards books or study, but usually I spend my time with my lovely boyfriend and my kitten, Pumpkin.


Having these two in my life makes sitting in front of the TV seem like a waste of time(which it is)




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