If You Could Fly?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be if you could fly?

The places you would see! The places you could go!

I do. 

Its usually that time when the sun is rising over the ocean, the air is full of magic and mystery, just before I become fully aware that I am awake that I dream of all the possibilities. 


What if I had the ability to heal the sick? can you imagine it? would you run and hide your gift from those who are dangerous to you? or would you Stay and heal people and become an idol to them, waiting to be cut up and disected?


There are so many possibilities to everything. When I am awake I think only of the amazing things I could do but never of the consequences of such gifts.


It is only in the darkest hour before the sun turns the darkness to the pinks and purple hues on the ocean and sky that I contemplate the worst case scenario. 

Always running to keep myself alive. July last year these crazy dreams started,  but displeasure as soon as they came when I made the change to study Natural Medicine… But it appears they are back.

I do believe that dreams are a way to let us know that our subconscious or body is in trouble but sometimes those dreams were more than that, for fun and adventure, to do all the things you thought you were scared of, Without Fear



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