Turn, Turn,Turn

While the Southern Hemisphere is looking forward to Summer, Down here in the land “Down Under” (technically NZ is bellow Australia but regardless) in the Northern Hemisphere, it is approaching winter, we have just started to embrace autumn. Budgeting is starting as people are making plans to go skiing, I am one of them.

This year in July, I have a break from University and Dave, the love of my life at the moment, also has a week off at the same time. SO we have decided to start saving up to go skiing in New Zealand.
I have skied in New Zealand five years in a row.. the only thing is, is that, that specific row of years, well it started back when I was 10. So god only knows how well I can ski. Like most boys and alot of teenagers in general, Dave is a Snowboarder. Please If I tried I would fall on my arse. So will leave that to him and I will just get my skiing on!

Probably we will try and go to :

  • Mount Hut
  • Cardrona
  • Coronet Peak
  • Remarkables

I have skied at these places the most, so I’ll let you in on the nicknames.

  • Mount Shut
  • Cardies
  • Concrete Peak (Very Icy)
  • Relaxables or the Regrettables – Depending on the weather

My favorite Town by far is Queenstown. I just always have so much fun. for the first few years when I was a kid, we used to rent a house becasue we used to go with another Mother and Daughter. But as I got older we shifted to staying in YHAs, regardless when we traveled as a kid, mum and I would always stay in YHAs as we went around the North and South Islands.


Anyway the only problem is that with Driving overseas with a hire car.. they don’t seem to trust teenagers.. which is for good reason. But that means public transport is the way to go. Thank god for the greyhound buses that they have over there.



Winter is a time for fun, adventure and to make memories.


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