Do I Really Talk To Much?

My pet hate is to be told to be quiet, I can’t help that I have a loud voice, for 16 years I realized I spoke in whispers, worried that people may not like my opinions or listen to what I say, I thought if I didn’t speak loudly then there was no one to disapprove…
That all changed when when it finally hit me. I have a right to my opinion. I deserve to be heard. From that day I haven’t looked back, I speak my mind and I talk alot. I love the sound of my own voice
I can’t help it! After feeling like a mute for so many years then having the confidence and the right mindset. I’m going to talk if I want to talk!
I’m going to talk loudly and use my voice.

You have a right to be heard, even if what you are staying is bullshit.

If you want to talk. Then talk


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