Tampons… I know it is the weirdest topic! But yesterday some people in my class were discussing how multiple of their friends had being going to the doctors after thinking they had an infection down there, turns our fibers from the tampon had…. err become stuck inside after detaching from the tampon.
So after ringing into the conversation we started talking about alternatives.
Pads are the best in their books.

But once you use a tampon I really don’t think you go back. So there is this thing called a moon cup. It’s a bit dodgy in my books. But basically it collects the blood and can be used to measure, it is made from a flexible plastic and you only need one for life (so that is some savings) the idea is you wash it and clean it well between uses so it is serialized. But the problem is that you have to check it throughout the day, but can you imagine having to do that when you are out or at a friends house? Yeah no.
Anyways we will see how this invention works for others.

In other news. You have seen the adds where the cat plays with the tampon… That cat has nothing on my kitten who ripped one to shreds after David dangled it in front of her.


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