Human Body 1

It has been like forever since I posted anything related to my degree. Ok so lets look at the human body. This will be the first of maybe a few posts about basics of the human body.


  • Science of the structure of the body(By dissecting,  relationships of structures in the body are revealed)


  • Science of how the body structures functions


Its that thing that keeps the body in order. To put it accurately

Equilibrium in the body’s internal 


In normal words it keeps the internal environment at a constant.

For example:

Keeping the Blood Glucose level at a constant, between the narrow  range 10-110/100ml

Bodily Fluids

I know it sounds kinda gross.

Inside the Body cells: Intracellular Fluids

Outside the Body Cells: Extracellular Fluids

Extracellular Fluids are found in two principle places:

  1. Filling the narrow spaces between cells of tissue  (called  Interstitial fluid, Intercellular fluid or Tissue Fluid)
  2. And In Blood Vessels(Plasma)

Since the extracellular fluid is almost always in constant motion around the body and surrounded body cells, it is often called the “Body’s Internal Enviroment”

Disruptions in Homeostasis

Why do Imbalances occur?

Because of disruptions in :

  • Internal Environments
  • External Environments

What regulates Homeostasis?

  • The Nervous System
  • And The Endocrine System,  (acting either independently or together.)

Nervous System:

  • Detects the change and then sends an nerve impulse to counteract the disruption, which causes a very rapid change.

Endocrine System:

  • Regulates homeostasis by the secretion of hormones, which work slowly to create a change.



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