Virginity Pact

I’m not talking about a Virginity pact that causes everyone to loose it before the year is up, Cough American Pie. I’m talking about a silent way of letting your friends know you have lost it.
I have been with the same group of friends since year 10 when I moved schools. 9 girls, you can imagine the stuff we got up to. But back in the day while we were still innocent, one of then suggested the idea that web you loose It you give every girl $5. The idea is that by the end of it you have neither lost or gained any money. Even in University, almost 4 years on we are still the best of friends, regardless that we are all scattered at different universities.
The reason why I bring up the virginity pact is because my friend recently found one of the original 5$ from the deal. All the five dollar notes have drawings on them, this drawing is not my own but I do apologies for the state of the Queens facial attributes.
The reason why they are marked is so that when we put them out into the world we can recognize if they will come back to us.


You have also heard about the pact made by teenagers to get pregnant at the same time … Gladly I have nothing to do with anything like like as I think it is a barbaric idea to get pregnant on purpose in high school before you finish your education and have sufficient funding.


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